Ok ngl, every year I feel like I turn a blind eye to sales because they stress me out and then yall DM me and are like “WHAT ARE WE BUYING AT THE SEPHORA SALE?!” I'm like crap I'm the worst hahaha and last year I really was stressed and then I had to do a campaign about the sale and memorize these talking points about the tiers and NOW IT’S INGRAINED IN MY SOUL. 

SO this year I am beating you to the punch - I have broken down EXACTLY what you should buy during the Sephora Savings Event.

The savings event, idk why they don’t just call it a sale, is broken into three different tiers: Rouge, VIB, and Insider. 

Rouge - if you are psycho like me and shop Sephora like you shop groceries. 

VIP if you are a responsible gal who likes makeup and wears in at least 4 times a week. 

Insider if you are a makeup beginner / minimalist. 

Obvi joking about the labels but I really do think us rouge members have a bond… we shop…. a lot. HAHA. so here ya go… buckle up because SURPRISE it’s LENGTHY !!!!!

BUNDLES: (good gifts, etc.) I am weird about bundles bc it feels like you are hoarding small samples SO these are ones that I REALLY believe are worth it, or would be a great gift for christmas bday etc. <3

Skin Care:

Algenist 10 day transformation - Includes the Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser (my GO TO), setting mist, and their anti aging cream. This is my OG skincare line but she ain’t cheap so get it on sale !! 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Secrets - this comes with the famous magic serum and lip oil. The magic serum can replace your moisturizer to PREP YOUR SKIN like a cloud baby bottom. It’s amazing. I can’t recommend enough.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 3 Steps - truly anything CT is good for this sale. This has the serum, magic cream and the NIGHT CREAM. Omg it’s so good. 

First Aid Beauty FAB Faves - ok these are my FAVS in one. Great for sensitive skin or girls who like clean beauty! All around my favorite brand that I rely on, like a healthy relationship lmao. Has the cleanser, facial radiance pads (good for hyperpigementation, texture, glow) and the ultra repair cream! GOAT. 

Laneige All Nighter Bundle - THESE HOLIDAY FLAVORS. Peppermint, gingerbread and then the class berry… so freaking good. 


Sephora Pro 6 Piece Brush Set - THIS IS SO GOOD if you need new brushes or lookihng to amp up your collection. SUCH good quality. I use them on myself and clients!

For a man in your life - trust me

Jack Black Set - this smell.. Just thank me later. I buy this every year for my dad, brother, anyone. It smells SO GOOD AND GUYS LOVE IT. It makes them feel like they are doing ~self care with you


Jo Malone Mini Luxuries - umm.. I already have this in my cart. In my FAV Wood Sage and Sea Salt, you get a candle, body cream, and mini perfume all for $50 ?!!! sorry every friend is getting this as a gift HAHA. 

Mugler - Angle Perfume Set - omg if u read my scent blog u know this. A LITTLE GOES THE LONGEST WAY. like sticks in your hair and on your clothes. I get THE MOST compliments when I wear this period. PERIODT. 

Oribe Dry Styling Kit - MY FAV HAIR BRAND EVER. The smell, the quality, everything. So worth it. 



Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser - my fAV. Ride or die. Hydrating but really CLEANSES.

Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Peel - for texture and hyperpigmentation this changed the appearance of my skin PERIOD. I love using 

Youth to the People Superberry Glow Sleep Mask - I love using this to sleep in to wake up hydrated and glowyyyy. It’s not sticky either. Love this brand!

Tatcha Violet - C Brightening Mask  - so good when you want your skin to GLOW for a night out. I’ll prep before a big event with this!


For Dry / Combo Skin:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - the best of the best. Hydrating, luxe, rich, firming but not oily.

Tatcha Dew Cream - this is my DEWY MAGIC especially for dry girls or anyone wanting to look PLUMP and glow. 

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cream - soooo luxe wow. Watch my skin care highlights on insta to see it. And now there are REFILLS. 

For Oily Skin:

Tatcha Water Cream - AMAZING and not oil based so won’t make you extra oily. Smells like a SPA. Also - a good day moisturizer for dry and combo girls! I use it in the mornings. 

Ole Henerickson Banana Bright Eye Cream - a CLASSIC favorite, glowy but not oily. I love it.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick - SO GOOD FOR THE T ZONE. It’s so good yall. Helps matefy the area and keep you NOT oily.


Armani Luminous Silk - do i even… need to….. Talk about this?!!!!!!!! It’s my ride or die for EVERY skin type. Your skin but better. Makes you look FLAWLESS, such good NATURAL coverage, it’s literally amazing. 

Dior Airflash - this is AMAZING for a little bit more full coverage airbrush look?! Omg it photographs SO WELL. Try it. Wow.

One / Size Turn up the base concealer - YALLLLL this concealer is hydrating, not oily, medium to full coverage. SO FREAKING GOOD. 

Nars Color Corrector - i use shade light. It’s SO good if you struggle with dark blue / purple circles and will not dry your eyes out but make sure to use an eye cream prior with your skin prep!

Make Up Forever Full Cover concealer - if you are strugglig with acne… this is your go to. Full coverage, hydrating, and WATERPROOF. 

Kosas Concealer - so good. Clean. Really loving rn. 

Patrick Ta Blush Limited Edition Palette - just…. Get it. GET IT. LOOK AT IT. What a gift that would be also. 

Makeup by Mario Stick - my go to. So easy for beginners for a natural look but can BUILD UP and cut. My favorite shade is medium on myself! If you haven’t tried it - TRY IT. 

Givenchy Powder - this is.. SO PRETTY. It’s the same lightweight feel as Huda but it has the TINIEST luminosity. So pretty especially if you want to treat yourself and glow during the holidays. 

Gucci Poudre - BRONZER this is sooo luxe, the color 1 is SO like unique. I love this. I gave in and it was SO worth it. 

Saie Glowy Super Gel - THIS IS MY MAGIC WEAPON FOR GLOW. LITERALLY TRUST ME. OMG. This is prob a top 5 product I NEED in my kit to make a look.

Dior Face and Glow Universal - THIS MIXED UNDER FOUNDATION OR MIXED WITH LOTION WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Can you tell I’m getting hype?! It’s so glowy and pretty and is what TINX posted on her story! 

Dior Backstage Glow Palette - ok im sorry I’ve been talking about this for 4 years.. If you don’t have it yet this is the time to get it. It’s perfect on the eyes, the face, the body. Omg it is my GO TO.


Makeup Forever Double Ended Brush - not a want but a need. Perfect for blush, bronzer, etc. Perfect size and will last you FOREVER. 

Makeup by Mario E3 blending brush - this is like the signature blending brush. I love the shape, size, and quality. 

Fenty Face Shaping Brush - so good for cream contour. I love the way it lays product on the face and blends!


Kosas brow product - been LOVING this bc its pink and clean lol. So good. 

Refy Brow Sculpt - clear and HOLDS the brows all freaking day. Also love using it to slick back the baby hairs in a low bun. So good. 


Viseart Minxette - I LOVE THIS BRAND. It it mid range when it comes to price point but such a good artist brand. This palette is limited addition, great for every day, and can SAUCE up a look real fast. So freaking pretty!!!

Pat Mcgrath Mothership Bronze Seduction - THIS IS MY FAVORITE PALETTE TO THIS DATE. Nothing compares to the glitter toppers…. It’s so good. Forever has my heart. 

Natasha Denona Biba - this is SUCH a good staple palette for someone who wants to treat themselves or for the MUA who wants a good neutral palette to put in their kit! The quality is amazing. Similar to the makeup by mario but more than mattes. I love it.


Pat Mcgrath Lip Liner in CONTOUR - obsessed with this shade right now. Similar to iconic nude but less GREY. 

Makeup Forever Anywhere Caffeine - my fall obsession. Little more brown nude than wherever walnut. 

Lawless lipsticks (ALL) - freaking best. all colors. Platinum, Child, Wedding Day, Suede. Etc. can’t go wrong. 

Pat Mcgrath Glosses - so luxe and pretty. Smell good, rich and hydrating!

Dior 001 - duh. Hehe. if you don’t have it, IT’S YOUR TIME!!! 


Oribe Signature Shampoo - ok im sorry but this is ERIC VAUGHN approved and smells like god’s shower ok like it’s from the heavens above. It’s soooooooooo luxe and expensive and i would treat myself with this lol 

Amika Volume Shampoo - I am using this rn bc my hairs needed some OOOMFPH. Smells also like heaven. It’s so good wow. 

The Ouai texturizing hair spray - smells so yummy and always gives a little BOOST to the hairs.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo -  honestly one of the bests. Smells so good. Yeah lol 


Ok… i could go on and on but HERE YA GO. HAPPY SHOPPING xxxxo KA



  • Is a primer necessary before putting on foundation? If so, what is one you recommend?

  • You are the absolute BEST!!! Thank you so much for putting this great list together! Love your IG content and your amazing talent😁

  • Thank you SO MUCH!!! This was so needed, I have been lowkey obsessed with makeup ever since I started watching your videos, they are super helpful and you have helped me transform my look with great makeup tips.

  • I’m old enough to be your mother, and I get SO much out of your tutorials… i learn so much and you are so fun to watch. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Keep up your great work! Ali

  • Thank you so much for this!!!!!💗


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