You guys have been asking for this for forever!!!!! AUSTIN X KA!!!!


I rounded up some of my favorite spots to eat, shop, hang out, drink, dance, etc so if you visit with ur GIRLS or just wanna spice things up while living there GET AFTER IT. Some places may have closed, new places may have opened, but these were my staples when I lived there!!


Drinks at P6 - Everyone loves this spot for the view. Go at least once.

El Alma - The upstairs patio is so fun. Amazing margs and fundido (iykyk). Casual but DELISH.

Roosevelt Room - Boujee cocktails. Great for the first date. Think low lighting, dark leather booths, that vibe. 

Clark’s Oyster Bar - SO CHIC. I love this place. Seafood, oysters, and the BEST sourdough. 

Josephine House - SO CUTE. On SUNDAYS (I hope this is still true) they do a fixed dinner cost and UNLIMITED WINE. 

Bufalina A due - cutest little Neapolitan pizza spot. So vibes like great for a little bottle of wine, pizza, some drake in the background vibe. BEST PIZZA I think in Austin. 

TenTen - Would be fun for a bachelorette party! More expensive sushi but RIGHT on west 6th! 

Devil May Care - it’s a restaurant that turns into an underground club. They always have this guy that walks around with a saxophone. It’s really cool. I met Leon Bridges there and hung out with him all night. CLAIM TO FAME. 

Matt’s El Rancho - MY FREAKIN JAM. Very casual Mexican place but turns the frick up. You will always wait but it’s worth it.  GET THE KNOCK-OUT MARTINI AND THE TACO SALAD WITH SHREDDED CHICKEN CILANTRO VINAIGRETTE. Bye. literally two knockout martinis and goodbye.

Aba - Best for last…whether it’s grabbing a drink at the bar or sitting outside, the vibes hit. Every. Time.


There are 4 different scenes to go out in.

Dirty 6th

West 6th


East Austin

Dirty 6th - Classic “keep Austin weird”. Like people in the streets with snakes. Breakdancers. Scary people. Topless women. It’s really a nice little eclectic scene. If you wanna ride a bull, blackout, and take your shoes off while eating pizza, this is for you. I feel like you have to at least go once to see it. This is where we LIVED in college… the number of barefoot moments and phones stolen on that street… scary. It’s like those places that the lights come on at 2 a.m. and you're like literally where the f am I?! All of that to say. I wouldn’t go if you're older than 22. Just saying.

West 6th - ah the ole right of passage when you turned 21. This area is home to the more “elevated” bars. If you are here with a bach party for sure hit this and Rainey. If you want to dance your brains out go to the Ranch and get on an elevated surface. Or go to Greenlight social and get the capri suns. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot can be fun. Just walk up and down the street and there are a lot of places to see! This place gives me extreme Scottsdale, v similar.

East Austin - This is an interesting vibe. Very grunge Austin scene. Has some cute hole-in-the-wall spots. BEST is Whisler’s - REALLY fun actually for a cocktail on a date !!! 

Rainey - I think this is the most unique to Austin. It’s like little Houses converted into bars. They are so fun. You can’t go wrong. I’m sure more have opened since I moved but I used to frequent…

Icenhauer’s - EPIC. This was oracle Kelli’s fav spot. Sunday funday… bye. Go get manmosas at Banger’s first. Unbarleivable has the slide. Bungalow. Lustre Pearl “meet me at lustre” lol sending me BACK. Reina is the new clubby one. Honestly start at unbar and just bop around. U can’t go wrong. 


The new cool area is South Congress - they really are investing so much money into the development (aba is right in the middle). Two hands is an adorable cafe you can have brunch at or grab a coffee! Equinox is there and a new Alo and Nike store. Just walk the area! Studs is farther down and cute older boutiques, boot places, etc. Such a cute area!

Also, Peter Pan mini golf is a classic Austin thing. Landon always was pushing ton mini-golf HAHA. So if you want to do that - do it !! I think it's BYOB. Also, this cutie place called House Wine is fun.

Zilker is where ACL happens. It’s this amazing large park and it’s so beautiful. On a good Saturday w sun shining you can bring a blanket and snacks and drinks and chill out there!! Just a big ole field lol.

Also walking the lake is a vibe. I typically would park near Trader Joe’s / ATX Cocina around that area and then walk the lake from there! IT’s so beautiful, honestly.

Ok, I can’t think of anything else - I HOPE Y’ALL ENJOY THIS!!! TEXAS FOREVER.



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