Ok - literally the most “asked for” content i've EVER RECEIVED. You guys are like cool cool about makeup but how the frick do we pick MAKEUP BRUSHES. I think there are SO many brands out there, and while I typically stick to more luxury makeup, I tend to use a lot of “drugstore” brushes and mix in a few luxury tools here and there. ONLY when they are worth it. I have found the GOAT of all brushes. Trust me. :)

I am so excited to share with you some of my FAVORITE brushes that I use on myself and clients. You can expect good quality, soft, good performance, and flawless application hunnnny. 

I will break it up into sections to make it SO easy, but note that a lot of brushes can be multi-purpose. Sometimes I use a sponge for my whole face or a dense face brush for my whole face when i'm in a pinch. This is getting GRANULAR and will help you find the perfect brush for every step but I always say this… YOU DON’T NEED ANYTHING !!!! I promise. No stress buying here. Just a resource you can refer back to when online shopping <3 !!!!!

Ok also for the record everything MORPHE is ***drugstore!!! And I typically pick it up at ulta. :)



  1. Beakey Beauty Sponges - these are $8 and you get 5 sponges. They are AMAZING quality. Can apply skincare and then foundation, concealer, etc. full face with them. I use these after every brush to REALLY give the most smooth finish to the skin. You have to DAMPEN, and RING THEM OUT and then they will become the most soft plush tool ever. If you don’t know where to start with makeup tools, START HERE. An old MUA secret was using a sponge. 


BRUSH CASE FROM AMAZON - this comes in a few different sizes, the smaller would be a great personal addition. I use the larger one for my professional makeup kit. I love that it has sections so you can separate out your brushes by the type or if they are dirty/clean!

EYE SETS (this makes it easy to pick up and worth the $$) !!

  1. Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set 13 piece - this is for the girl that wants to TAKE IT UP. Best brushes to add to your kit if you like playing around with fun eyeshadow looks or just 
  2. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection 7 piece - I use these brushes every time. Everyyyy time. I have two sets I believe. Perfect for everyday eyeshadow and then gives the most perfect detailing eye brushes to amp it up and get creative with your look.
  3. Morphe Eye Got This 4 Piece Eye Collection - hands down THE BEST EVERY DAY GIRL SET. If you don’t own eyeshadow brushes, start HERE. You get fluffy eyeshadow brush, detailer, flat, and an ANGLED BRUSH FOR A SHADOW WING. Legit my fav CHEAPPPP set for everyone. 
  4. Morphe Earth To Babe 7 Piece Set Bamboo - these give me very chic bobbi brown vibes! High quality and such a good priced set. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG.

FACE / EYE SETS (the best of the BEST!)

  1. Real Techniques Brush Set with Two Sponges - this is a great set to have for face, highlight, etc. some of my FAV brushes into a set!
  2. KJH x Spectrum Sets - these are pricier but when I say this investment would last you a lifetime. These are HIGH END, artist brushes. The literal softest brushes I’ve EVER touched. INVEST IN THESE!!!!!
  3. Morphe x Ariel collab set - this is always out of stock but cross ur fingers!! ADD TO WISHLIST BC I AM ALSO 

Now let’s BREAK IT DOWN.


Flat Brush - perfect for Skincare and then Foundation (yep for BOTH!) Makes you feel like you’re at a spa. I used this in my Hailey Bieber Peaches Class also and pretty much use on all clients, if clean. Also could be used as a third step to apply contour! I never thought I would like these types of brushes but once you use them, you CAN’T STOP. They really do kinda airbrush over produce on the face. They are so soft and feel like you are getting a facial! Here are some of my favorites below, prices vary!

  1. Morphe - M707 *** DRUGSTORE $10
  2. Bobbi Brown - Foundation Brush $41 @ Walmart 
  3. MAC - 190 $37
  4. Make Up Forever - 108 Large Foundation Brush $36 ** My FAV i bought two!

Foundation Brush - any of the ABOVE, a sponge, or I love to use a sort of dense kabuki type feel brush which are below. You can’t go wrong! Personal preference! Sometimes when I am in a hurry, this is my fav type of brush to use for all things foundation, concealer, contour, powder, cream blush etc. 

  1. Sephora Pro Foundation #56 - $30 this one is more SLENDER, good control
  2. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Foundation - $50 this one is more round and dense but SO soft
  3. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ***DRUGSTORE - $10 
  4. Fenty Full Bodied Foundation 110 - $34!
  5. Morphe M438 Buffer *** DRUGSTORE - $18 - great for covering SO MUCH surface area at once if you are in a pinch!
  6. It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin 702 - This brush is AMAZING. So flawless, very high end but the application is chefs kiss! $48

Concealer - Listen, you can apply concealer straight with the applicator on yourself. That’s what I do! But, if you want to get fancy with your placement you can either 1. Apply with a precise painters type of brush or 2. Buff it out with a small dense brush to preserve the placement. GREAT FOR MUA’S TRYING TO UP THEIR KIT. I will break it down into two sections. 


  1. Amazon $3 set - I use these for concealer, lips, etc. a MUST if you are an MUA.
  2. Make Up Forever 226 - just added this to my kit. It’s nice, but not a NEED. :) $25 


  1. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Touch Up - $43 I have two of these! The best. 
  2. Rare Beauty Liquid Concealer - $16 **CHEAP ALERT !!**
  3. Real Techniques Concealer Brush ** DRUGSTORE !! - $8

Cream Contour - I know, I know! The scariest part!! Jk - it’ll be FOOL PROOF with these brushes. Trust me. :)

  1. It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe DUAL ENDED #7 - $48. YOU NEED THIS BRUSH. It’s perf for cream contour and then the small detailed side for nose contour. I CANNOT LIVE WITH OUT THIS BRUSH. It’s so good. My go to. 
  2. Fenty Angled Face Shaping 125 - $34, one of my favorites for sculpting and blending. It’s SO GOOD.
  3. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush **DRUGSTORE !!!*** - $13
  4. Refy Dual Ended Brush - perfect for Cream Contour and CREAM BLUSH. Such a good duo brush. $24 HOT NEW FAV!!! Used on my Live last night. THIS BRUSH IS SO GOOD!!

Nose Contour - yeah we are getting specific.

  1. Sephora Collection Pro Shadow Brush #15 - $20 
  2. Mac 270 - I literally SCOURED the internet for a diff brush, can’t find it anywhere. But this one is close to it! $25

Powder - there are diff levels to powder that will give you different coverage types! I will list them in order of COVERAGE.

Most Coverage !

  1. Beauty Sponge - use the Beakey ones from above OR this Elf Sponge - so soft and $5!
  2. One / Size Powder Puff - this is amazing for smoothing and really BAKING. These puffs have magic properties… they are like witchcraft. $14

Lighter Coverage / also used for Mature skin! Mature Skin = little to no powder

  1. Make Up For Ever 114 - I love this little magic tool. It’s so cute and perfect size for under the eyes and in crevices for very specific placement. $37.
  2. Real Techniques Setting Brush - $8 this brush is soooo cute also. I love these. ** DRUGSTORE !!!*****

Dusting / Lightest - spot treat with powder 

  1. Morphe Deluxe Highlight Brush - $9. A good fluffy small brush to help buff in powder in VERY specific areas for little to no powder coverage! **DRUGSTORE !!****

Baking Tools - favs and both drugstore. 

  2. Morphe Flat Sponge - aint NOTHING LIKE IT for straight edge baking. 

Eyeshadow Brushes - MY GO TO FAVORITES (don’t forget the SETS at the top!! They are the BEST!)

Fluffy Crease Brushes

  1. Morphe M573 
  2. Morphe M453
  3. Morphe M505
  4. Scott Barnes 62 

Smaller Crease Brushes (less fluffy more precision)

  1. Morphe M514
  2. Makeup By Mario E3

Detailing brushes - for deeper shadows

  1. Jaclyn Hill JH39
  2. Morphe M210
  3. Morphe M213
  4. Makeup Forever 216 Medium Precision 
  5. KJH x Spectrum Collab are GREAT for detailing!!! Her 5 piece set is $79 and when I say it is worth EVERY PENNY. I have never felt brushes more soft in my ENTIRE life. 

Lower Lash Line Brushes 

  1. Elf flat eyeshadow brush - EVERYONE NEEDS THIS! I have multiple. They are so good for lower lash line bc they arent too thin where the line is too hard but they aren’t too fluffy where you cant pack on a color! OK!

Shadow Wing Brushes

  1. Morphe one with a SPOOLIE (win win)

Bronzer Brushes (I find these are all great with blush as well - the softest best ones!!!!!!!)

  1. Make Up For Ever Dual Brush 158. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS DUO BRUSH. I promise it is worth it. Perfect for Bronzer and Blush! Perfect size and the quality is fire. 
  2. Slightly more affordable - Makeup by Mario F2 also good for bronzer and blush. $28 !!
  3. Morphe M403
  4. Real Techniques Blush Brush for all over face!


OK I THINK THAT IS IT!!! Once again these are all my favorite creme de la creme brushes !!!! By no means do you need all, just different price points and options for everyone. :)




  • This is exactly what I’ve been needing… I always struggle with brushes. So detailed – THANK YOU!!!

  • Omg love this! Its been sooo long since I’ve gotten TONS of usefull info from an MUA.’I’ve watched all your highlights on insta and learned so much!

  • What a great newsletter! Thank you

    Donna Sinclair
  • Thank you so much for all the information, l read it, took notes and screenshots. So helpfull!!!

  • Thank you for this great info on brushes. You are the best!

    Karen M.

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