How TF do we master this without looking like a clown?!?!?!?!??!!

Ok so this one took me a while to learn. I reeeeeeally had to experiment and figure this out because on shoots, you need to make sure the products you’re using can work together and be layered on top of. A couple of small tips and tricks I swear by!!

Here’s a little inside scoop on how to pull this off seamlessly and look like you just stepped out of a 2 hour glam sesh (after 10 hours of wear): FIRST AND FOREMOST - when applying your first glam of the day. LIGHT LIGHT LAYERS. LESS IS MORE. SAY IT WITH ME! This way it’ll wear a little better. So think lighter application of each step - foundation, concealer, etc.

THEN, when you want to take it to NIGHT:

1) Spritz your face with setting spray. It’ll mesh everything back together, rehydrate and kiss the skin, and give you a new dewy playing field.

2) When using foundation or concealer, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to re-apply and re-conceal!!! Just make sure to blend out the previous creases all over your face BEFORE you start re-applying anything. We definitely don't want to add any makeup on top of creasing!!!

3) To amp up your look, you can add a little bit of eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye to add some emphasis and change the lip color to something a little darker

4) DUH - re-apply your blush because blush is always the first makeup product to fade on your face. For night I would do a little cream blush from Rare Beauty and then maybe some Dior on top to really give it a punch ;) ENJOY !!!!!

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