- more importantly WTF IS GYM LIPS ?!?!??!!

You guys - I swear to the good lord above as a creator we genuinely try so hard to put out quality content and you never know what’s going to “hit”. Sometimes you come up with the sickest eyeshadow technique and no one cares and then sometimes you randomly share your lip combo for the gym and it HITS ?????? It’s so funny to me personally. I’m like ok!! Lean in! Ride the wave baby! I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about it in my stories but these articles literally have me pinching myself.

  1. Allure Article
  2. InStyle Article
  3. Bustle Article
  4. Byrdie Article

So - what is it???? Basically I am a hoe for lip liner (and cream blush, and makeup in general but u get it) and I was noticing that all my liners were in shades that when I applied them on my lips it LOOKED like I was wearing lip liner. And when I go to the gym I don’t wanna look like a cake face but i DO WANNA GLOW AND HAVE JUICY LIPS. So - I was determined to find a lip liner that disappeared into my lips because it was the EXACT shade. I started using those lip color liners to overline my lips to make it look like they were more plump in a really natural way and then OBVI I would throw on a lip treatment over so they weren’t crusty. I LOVE laneige - always have always will but because I was doing this on the go often I was picking up products that are more in like travel tubes (the laniege is in a jar and i don’t keep it in my purse as often) so i started using the Summer Fridays Lip Butter and it smells like a fresh baked cookie on your lips. This combo - effortless, flawless, snatched with out “trying”. I THINK IT CAUGHT ON because it’s not a single liner/lip combo that can sell out. It’s a fun challenge (so i’ve seen) to find YOUR GYM LIP colors. CUE TIK TOK GYM LIPS VIRAL TREND. Go check it out!! It’s super fun. Also I’ve seen it motivates a lot of people to go to the gym and lord knows we all need that. 

I’m going to share 3 of my fav lip liners for ME (this genuinely might not apply to you but to give you an idea!) 

  1. Patrick Ta in She’s Proud
  2. Em Cosmetics in Fawn
  3. NYX in Natural

And then pair it with a lip treatment (not a gloss! Something conditioning and hydrating!!) aka the Summer Fridays Lip Butter, Laneige Glowy Lip Balm, Jouer Lip Treatment, etc.


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