How We Got Here!!

Cinco de Mayo circa 2017, I flew to NYC by myself to attend the Create and Cultivate Beauty Summit. I had started my makeup Instagram about a month prior but I knew this event was not one I could miss. C&C is an incredible company that holds summits and conferences that brings together (mostly) female entrepreneurs, bosses, and ambitious women. Think Skinny Confidential, Becca Tobin, Amber Venz Box (founder of LTK) Reesa Lake, etc. From the beginning, C&C KILLED the sponsorship game. Think like very instagrammable event spaces, all things catered, people from Morrocan Oil giving BLOW OUTS next to the stage, cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, Photobooths with fresh-made coconut water straight out of the coconut, EVERYTHING you could imagine and more. And to top it all off… they did a FOCUSED, very specific BEAUTY SUMMIT. It was … epic. The lineup that year included Kristen Ess, Makeup by Mario, and Mary Phillips, so naturally, I maxed out my credit card to buy a plane/event ticket.

I roll up in a taxi there (I felt so New York) and as I pulled up and saw the line down the block of gorgeous women I got so damn nervous. I am the queen of making completely impulsive decisions and I honestly love that about myself but you have those moments when you snap into reality and you are like “wait… what am I doing”. So basically I told myself, head up, get off the phone and MAKE SOME FRIENDS. I got to meet @thefitfatale as well as @honestlykate and it was the first time I was like I AM IN IT HUNNY. I'M DOING THE MAKEUP THING. I was so nervous, so excited, but I was PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE. That feeling of doubt dissolved the second I walked in and I was overwhelmed by inspiration and creativity.

To bring this long-ass story full circle, I sat there and watched Jaclyn Johnson facilitate something that inspired me SO much. I watched Makeup by Mario do a live demo and Mary Phillips talk about working on Kendall Jenner. I was in awe. I came back with new friends, newfound confidence, and an appreciation for getting uncomfortable. Bringing it full circle - In Austin, I got to tell Jaclyn Johnson face to face her event in 2017 helped shape my beauty career into what it is today and how I dream to be on a panel one day. THE POINT HERE IS - put yourself out there!!! It’s the first step!!!!!! Be bold and be courageous and LEAN INNNN !!!!

xxxo KA


  • This was a treat piece to read. I’ve quit my full time job as an educator to pursue style coaching full time and am moving to LA soon with my hubby. I worked hard to get my certification and build the brand and the website from scratch and now can’t wait to get out there. Here’s my website if you’re interested: and my IG is @vardmov 💕 follow along to see be part of my journey 🙏🏻

  • Crazy to look back at the beginning of it all and reflect on the first moments of wow, I’m about to really embark on this journey. I cannot imagine how you are going to feel looking back in that moment in another 1,3,5, 10 years. You’ve created longevity in an industry that chews people up and spits them out. It’s fun and inspiring to watch. There’s so much more to come from you. Enjoy the ride, be present in the moments, & don’t lose yourself in the process. Im so so proud of you.

    Amanda Paige

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