Alright, joke is on y’all if you thought I would have just ONE. You know when it comes to makeup, hair, beauty ANYTHING I am always long-winded, can never choose a single shade, product etc and ALWAYS MIX for the best result. Little perfume cocktail if you will. 

IF U MISSED MY MOST RECENT DRUGSTORE IGTV, i *lightly* touched on some of my favorite scents bc… I’M CREATING A COLLAB CANDLE OF MY SIGNATURE SCENT. We are currently in the creation phase and it’s so freaking fun lol. My assistant, Morgan, just launched @dunescollection candles and as we started working together we were like… holy SHT we HAVE TO COLLAB ON A CANDLE.

Maybe one day it'll turn into a perfume, lotion, glowy face oil ;) but honestly I just wanted to create a BOMB, chic, non-overpowering, sophisticated smelling candle that is perfect to burn during hot girl summer but also is the perfect centerpiece for my (and yours) NYC apartment all year long. 

I assume you can imagine, I am VERY particular about smells. I am ALWAYS drawn to “notes” (how fancy does saying notes feel) of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, leather, eucalyptus, etc. etc. I swear every time I smell something I like whether it’s a candle, lotion, detergent, anything it has ONE OF THESE. To be honest I’m really not that consistent with anything else so I take pride in that ?!!!!!!

Anyways, in light of this candle in the making and because I know y’all LOVED when I shared my Angel perfume, now there’s a wholleeee blog post dedicated to how I smell. Buckle up let’s go.


I love layering lotion under perfume. This is an old trick my mom actually taught me :,). It helps add dimension to the smell and really rich it up. The layering (SURPRISE IT’S EXACTLY LIKE MAKEUP) helps give your smell longevity and complexity… so basically you smell like a beautiful angel constantly. 

In summer - one of my favorite lotions/creams to apply is the Sol De Janiero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It’s THE smell of summer. I only apply it to my wrists, inner elbow and neck ? Kind of like your pulse points because a little goes a long way. HOT TIP - get the mini version and carry in your purse. It’s perfect to throw on in the bathroom if you are at a bar or just after a long day out because it's so fresh and literally makes you dream of a beach so YEAH. BEACH GODDESS. 

Bum Bum full size -

Bum Bum mini -

More year round - and very FRESH. This is very pricey but I am actually now married to the Jo Malone - Sage and Sea Salt Body cream. Sea Salt is another theme that I tend to be drawn to in LITERALLY EVERYTHING. It’s fresh, warm and earthy, but still light with the kick from the sea salt. This cream is so luxe and smells ACTUALLY ICONIC. Hot tip - I apply it on pulse points and a little more generously and then use an unscented lotion to mix with in to help spread it full body. 

Jo malone full size -

Jo malone mini -

I’ve been using La-Roche Posay Lipikar Balm but my FAVORITE UNSCENTED LOTION HANDS DOWN…


Is Kiehl’s Creme De Corps lotion. JUST TRUST ME and buy the full $80 big bottle with the pump. I wait for the nordstrom sale now to get it.. But can I just say… it is THE most luxurious, silky, RICH thin moisturizer ever. There is nothing like it. It SINKS in your skin and actually hydrates, does NOT just sit on top.

AND U KNOW I HAVE A HOT TIP TO ADD A YUMMY SUMMER SMELL. - get the Kiehls Creme De Corps Nourishing Dry Body oil. First, spray like 6-7 pumps on arms and chest in total. Then  use the lotion to mix in the oil on the body and oh my god you will be radiant from a mile away, NOT OILY OR STICKY, and smell like legit heaven. PERIODT. 

La-Roche Posay -

Kiehls creme de corps -

Kiehls dry body oil -

 Ok next moving into perfume, but first my SECRET oil. This is not so secret anywhere and I definitely learned from a friend but the BEAUTY of this oil is it kinda smells different on everyone?! I think that goes for perfume in general but the way it interacts with your pheromones (??) affects the way it smells. Same w deodorant… i think. And spray tans? Ok idk. 

THE AMBER OIL FROM WHOLE FOODS. It is pricey  but THIS LAYERED UNDER PERFUME is legit a game changer. I keep a rolley in my purse at all times. Apply to pulse points again and layer it under or over perfumes OR alone.. It’s so yummy. Also, u can now get it at ULTA?! LFG.

Amber Oil -

Also, there is a small business based out of Indianappolis that sells all variations of Amber oil and they are TO DIE for. My boyfriend’s sweet momma gave them to me for Christmas and I have used literally every one. SUPPORT SMALL XOXO.

NOW PERFUMES. I’ll keep this short and sweet.

When I want to smell rich and classic - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (this is the most like “not me” fragrance I have. 

I actually went through a full bottle and repurchased. Love for those classic days.

When I want to feel fresh and yummy during the day !!! Juliette has a gun - so light and easy.

All Saints Sunset Riot - love the smell of this.. Smells SO SPOT ON to the Patrick Ta Body Glow products. This one WILL wear quicker though, at least on me!

When it’s the night time babyyyyy !!! 

Angel - by Tierry Mugler. This one is genuinely iconic. It’s older.. But this wears on me like no other. I get THE MOST compliments when I wear this and it sticks to my clothes. I love that smell HAHAHA. 

***warning*** one spray goes a LONG FREAKING WAY.

Ombre Leather - Tom Ford. I know…. I know. But get the little travel size and keep it in your purse for when you want to spice up your nighttime vibe. It’s unisex and honestly smells so sexy like I’m obsessed with it. Also get a ton of compliments when I wear this layered over the Jo Malone and Amber oil.

Lastly, Le Labo Noir 29. I’M SORRY BUT THIS ONE IS SO UNIQUE AND CRISP. It’s like sexy nighttime meets crisp beach day. It’s so delicious. We were able to sample this in person and my boyfriend wears this as his cologne but don’t tell him I sneak a spray dead ass every day.

ALSO HOT TIP - I FOUND AN AMAZON DUPE FOR THE SANTAL 33 SCENT IN A DIFFUSER OIL THAT IS PET FRIENDLY. Forgot where I saw this but here is the link.. I blast it in my boyfriend’s apartment all day. It’s SO good.

Amazon Santal -

That’s all for now. Enjoy these SCENTSSSSSSSS and look out for the candle to come. It’s going to be ICONIC !!!!!!! And so freaking delicious wow. 



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