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- trust me it is WORTH the hype.

Elaluz Beauty Oil


I forgot where I first saw this trick, I think it was from @paintedbyspencer on his Youtube but wherever I saw it, it CHANGED MY LIFE. If you are someone who struggles from dry under eyes or looking “crepey” with make up on - this one is for YOU! 

Number one question I get asked - WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CONCEALER? Mine creases and then makes me look dry HeLlpPppppp SOSSSS (lmao I know y’all can relate)

A lot of the time we switch out our concealers thinking that products are the problem when performance isn’t a 10/10. I’ve learned this AINT IT. This goes back to my whole theory on skin prep. It does not matter if you have the armani luminous silk, nars creamy concealer, chanel cream contour and the gucci bronzer. If your skin isn’t prepped with HIGH QUALITY, good skin prep UR WASTING UR MONEY ON MAKEUP. 

So, listen up folks. BEAUTY OIL IS THE REAL DEAL. I’m sure if you are oily you are legit having a panic attack.. But I promise, dry/combo/oily skin girls this applies to EVERYONE. IF U ARE OILY** use less of the product and ONLY focus it under the eyes. That is the only tip that I would say. :)

In short, this beauty oil is a CLEAN, plant based luxurious nourishing oil that helps make your skin feel like a baby's bottom - like think SUPPLE, bounce-back, collagen producing skin. Hell yeah. It was created by the QUEEN Camila Coehlo, who actually started her career as a makeup artist on Youtube way back when and now is a serial entrepreneur, with a clothing line and beauty line being sold worldwide. Also she is STUNNING. Ok girl crush fan girl moment done. But seriously, ily Camila. 

So WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH BEAUTY OIL?! This oil, when applied correctly, will help plump out fine lines, hydrate your skin to the MAX, and genuinely helps your concealer and setting powder go on in the most INCREDIBLE way. I have shared this trick over the past few weeks and have gotten SO MANY DMS about how this changes your lives too. 

HOW DO I USE ?!! So here is the thing, YOU CAN APPLY TOO MUCH. Trust me - I’ve done it and I’m here to share the knowledge !! The key here with applying is giving it time to set in by massaging it into the skin with fingers for about 30 seconds - a minute. I always take about 2-3 drops MAX (oily girls start with just 1!), and use my fingers (or my fav MakeupForever Brush LINKEDDDD) to DELICATELY apply to the under eye area. Think where you would put fancy eye patches. I focus it under the eyes, then use my ring finger to move it up over the area you would apply highlighter then onto the brow bone. Think a little C shape kinda. Now, once it is applied UR NOT DONE. You will notice at first it has that oily “slip” to it. Now spend about 30 seconds to a minute really getting in there, DELICATELY. Think little eye puff massage situation and really imagine PRESSSING it into the pores. After about 30 secs - a minute you will notice that the “slip” is gone and your skin is left feeling so hydrated it hurts. There will be almost a little tack to the skin and you’ll notice how soft and bouncy it makes ur under eyes feel! If you struggle with smile lines, take the remains on your fingers and do the same to the smile line later. We are PLUMPING OUT THE LINES LADIES. 

From here - move on with your normal make up routine and THANK ME LATERRRRR.




For more info - check out my skin prep highlight on my Instagram! And this quick little clipppp


  • I just preordered the oil on Revolve! Your description about dry crepey undereyes is sooo me! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Elaluz website has it stocked now with 15% if you sign up with email 👍


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