THIS WEEK WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SEABUCKTHORN OIL. Something very important to me rn.

First - let’s talk skincare recs. I am prefacing this product rec with a soft gentle reminder that NOT ALL SKINCARE WORKS FOR EVERYONE. It is NOT one size fits all. Our skin types, textures, allergies, etc. are so unique to each and everyone one of us and I IMPLORE you to be a conscious consumer and understand that before just buying the newest “it” product. As both a consumer and creator, I see both sides. That is why I do not and WILL not ever recommend products unless they truly mean something to me. If you see the words “SPONSORED” on my Instagram, or here in the newsletter, it is because I trust the product and the brand. 

All that to say - the SEABUCKTHORN OIL has been changing my skin and I hope to work with the brand down the road as I am now so psycho obsessed I will not shut up about it. :) @noyskincare I love yall!!!! But don’t forget - if this product does not work for you, that’s ok!!! I have super sensitive skin and sometimes products that people rave about literally burn my face off. It’s not the product's fault or the person who shared it, it just doesn't work for me. 

So - peak COVID I am watching @melissawoodhealth do a gua sha tutorial with a stunning angel named Danna (@noyskincare). I started following Danna and admired her INCREDIBLE skin, attitude, zen nature, and noticed she owns a spa in New York! I move to NYC and it’s on my bucket list to get a facial. I’ve gone twice now (not with Danna herself bc she is a booked queen) and both experiences have been the most incredible calming facials of my life. My skin is glowing after but mostly it always calms my breaks out and inflammation. I purchased the Seabuckthorn oil, a fancy new gua shaa (the best $200 of my life), and some voluspa candles. I really did not ask how to use any of it properly and I’m not going to lie, it intimidated me!

Fast forward 2 months, I became friends with Danna on Instagram and we chat in DMs every so often. Here are some of Danna’s tips for using as well as a VIDEO on how she uses it.


  1. ALWAYS use a disposable cotton round because the laundry won’t disinfect, clean or sanitize a reusable face pad in the way you need with this oil. If you use a reusable round, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause breakouts, rashes, or irritation. 
  2. Simplify your routine to just the oil when you are trying it to see how your skin reacts. The fewer products the better. For example, when I use it at night - I am not layering a moisturizer over it anymore. It is the star of the show!

Watch the video here for a step by step process on how Dana uses the product:

How Danna uses it - she uses it legit as an OIL CLEANSER. WATCH THE VIDEO !!! it’s quick and easy to follow. She basically: 

  1. Wets her cotton round
  2. Rings it out 
  3. Pumps 3-4 drops of oil on a clean side
  4. In circular motions sweep over the face and neck
  5. Run the cotton round underwater and ring it again
  6. Flip it over the other clean side
  7. Pumps 3-4 drops on the new side
  8. Sweep over the face again
  9. Splash face with water and pat dry
  10. &&&&& scene. She will add a few drops on top of her dry skin for extra moisture at night if you want (like a moisturizer)!

So - I LIKE THIS TECHNIQUE. But, if you are someone who wears a lot of makeup or just has a full face on I found that I do it a little diff. Here is the way I use it!

If I have makeup on or am showering, I will cleanse my face first with the First Aid Beauty 2-1 cleansing oil (this for breaking down makeup is insane if ur not trying it wyrd) and then use my algenist cleanser or my tata harper exfoliating cleanser! I get out of the shower, pat my face dry. Then:

  1. On a DRY face I will take a DRY cotton round
  2. Pump 3-4 drops on a clean cotton round
  3. Circular motions sweep over face and neck
  4. U GUYS WHEN U SEE THE MAKEUP AND GRIME ON THAT pad after cleansing ur face it literally makes me gasp
  5. Flip the cotton round
  6. (my round is still dry)
  7. 3-4 pumps on the clean side and sweep it over the face for second time
  8. I then massage the oil that's on the skin into the face and you will be GLOWING HAILEY BIEBER DONUT STYLE
  9. Boom dia done

The main diff is she uses it as an ACTUAL cleanser (with water), whereas I use it as a final step on dry skin. Try either technique depending on how much makeup you have on that day and see what you like more!

I started doing this technique at night only first after I showered - would sleep in it and was SHOCKED when I woke up. Now, if I’m wearing no makeup for the day in the morning I will actually cleanse with it (Danna style) and layer sunscreen over it. Of course on the mornings when I am putting on a full face, I will opt for my typical moisturizer, etc bc I haven’t tried the oil under makeup yet!

If you are someone who struggles with inflammation (mine was around my chin so bad)hormonal acne, texture, hyperpigmentation - I’m not just saying this…. this shit fixed that for me. I just had my period and I literally got a SINGLE tiny pimple - NO MORE UNDERGROUND PIMPLES AT ALL. Even after a weekend drinking and eating pizza in the Hamptons, my face was clear. My hyperpigmentation is dwindling and I swear I feel like I am glowing constantly. 

That’s all. Try it if u want hehe. LINK HERE


  • My inflammation comes and go during the heat waves and sometimes during winter and I’m going to get this to minimize my redness! I have never tried wetting my cotton pad with oil even with regular face oil so that’s a new tip! I’m more of a apply it on a dry cotton pad. Thanks for this post.

    Hoa Nguyen
  • Ok you sold me. Sounds amazing!


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