The YouTube video I'm OBSESSED with this week!


Ok you guys - this youtube video legit has changed my life. I’ve watched it 4 times and something about the voice over HITS DIFFERENT. I love that Ariel and Patrick really debrief the process and I feel like they are able to explain it way more efficiently. I tried the brow process in my Kylie Jenner look on my instagram (hi makeupby ariel thanks for the inspo) and let me tell you, I looked FRESHLY WAXED. The other part that really got me was the cream liner with the tight dark eyeshadow line on lower lash.. Truly iconic.

WATCH IT WHILE DOING 12 3 30 (hi @laurengiraldo ily!!!)



LINK TO PATRICK STARR’s Turn up the Base Powder 

LINK TO Ariel’s brush collection

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